News: The Complete Specs and Features of the Playstation 4 (From what we saw)


There are a lot of sites discussing the specs and features of the playstation 4, but we’ll give you a clean look of the whole system as we saw it from the conference!

Here are the specs:

– 8 core 64-bit x86 “Jaguar” by AMD
– Radeon GPU with 1.84
– Blu-ray drive that spins Blu-ray 6x faster and 8x faster for DVD
– 8GB unified GDDR5 RAM
– 802.11n Wifi
– USB 3.0 ports
– Bluetooth 2.1 for optical audio and ethernet support
– HDMI compatible
– Legacy analog AV support
– Internal storage (Size not specified)



– Playstation Eye that detects body motion
– Dualshock 4 with touch capabilities as well as motion control
– Online streaming of games especially previous generations of Playstation games
– Ability to play games as they download
– Supports cross game chat
– Sony app for mobile devices to turn them as a “Second Screen” as well as support for remote play
– Remote play for the PS Vita
– Supports USED games!!!
– No online connectivity required
– Ability to share photos and videos
– Integrated with Facebook (Facebook is the only one we know that was announced)

It’s beautiful Sony!!!! :’D!!!! Beautiful!!!

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