News: Steam Controller! No Analog Sticks?!


First, Steam OS and now a controller! Valve has certainly revved up the engine of what next-gen gaming could be. According to Valve, the next controller might not need analog sticks at all!

The controller will be supporting two track pads, the idea being that the controller will be able to support all kinds of games available on Steam. Whether you are playing an FPS or an RTS game, the controller can seamlessly switch depending on the game.


Developers will have full control over the controller as well. We’re not sure if the controller will be programmable for consumers, but judging by the looks of it, you’ll be able to program all the button interfaces on the controller. They’ve also added a high-resolution clickable screen in the middle of the controller – a la Playstation 4.


Here’s an example of Portal 2 programmed to the new Steam Controller:


So, is this the next-gen controller?

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