News: Starcraft 2 Spawns a Starter Edition for Free!


Remember the time Blizzard had a thing where if you bought a game, your friends could play it too? For free?! Blizzard just announced a starter edition to their Starcraft 2 game and it’s a warm welcome for those not versed in the world of Starcraft.

Back in the day (mostly 1990s), Blizzard made it possible for people to play their games as long as one of their friends owned a copy. That means that if you borrow a Starcraft or a Warcraft II game, you can play against each other online.

Now, Blizzard is bringing that back as a starter edition of Starcraft 2 available for free, so long as you have a account. Here are the perks of the free-to-play edition:

– Limited levels of the campaign

– Ability to play against players online

– Play against the AI

– All the maps, including the expansions

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