News: Sony Responds to Used Game Campaign by Fans


Go Fans! See – sometimes it just takes a good amount of people to make a huge company listen, and listened they have! Well, that’s the first part – so now, we await their next move since hearing our voices doesn’t mean they’ll heed our advice…

Earlier this week, sources from all over were coming in with rumors about Sony having a DRM security code on their games as well. This would mean that Sony might follow in Xbox One’s footsteps – regardless of the bad PR – from their used-game policy. When the fans got wind of this, they went ballistic, creating the #PS4usedgames and #PS4noDRM hash tags to send to several Sony employees. After a few days we were surprised to see Sony responding to the fans. Here’s some of their responses:




This last one made us crack up and we don’t know if this is a legit response but this is Sony firing the first few shots before E3:


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