News: Skyrim Mod into Legend of Zelda?!

It’s only a matter of time right? I mean there’s magic, swords and shield in the game, and honestly a Legend of Zelda game would be great in Skyrim!

Believe it or not, a redditor by the name of “Promarksman117” has put up to more than 200 mods to make the game to the big Nintendo hit. No plans were announced if he (or she) will release the mod when it’s done but it’s been a big talk around reddit.

Here’s an initial image of what “Promarksman117” accomplished.


It’s cool that the idea is out, but man! We wish this was out! Like now! In any case, here’s the reddit link to the post, so if you can, show some love and support and let’s have us a Legend of Zelda game! Elder Scrolls Style!

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