News: Rooster Teeth’s Monty Oum Passes Away

Ever seen those badass fight scenes in Final Fantasy Advent Children? If you haven’t you should really check those out. Monty Oum, is well know for recreating those kinds of fight scenes in his work, but I am sad to say that he recently passed away.


According to Rooster Teeth the cause of death was a severe reaction to a medical procedure that left him in a coma. Though he fought bravely, he wasn’t able to recover. Monty Oum was 33 years old during the time of his passing and was currently working on RWBY, an anime inspired by his previous work on Dead Fantasy.


I could honestly say that I was a huge fan of Dead Fantasy when I first watched it on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know, Dead Fantasy is a cross-over of the Dead or Alive Series and Final Fantasy series, where the characters dukes it out a-la Advent Children style. Sometime during his work with Dead Fantasy, Monty started work on a show called RWBY where he took his skills with compute graphics and fight choreography and added an awesome story, anime style.


We, here at My Geek Review give their condolences to the family and friends of Monty as well as Rooster Teeth for losing one of their best and brightest. At the moment, there are no news as to where RWBY will be headed, but we do know that Rooster Teeth will be manning the helm to preserve the memory of Monty Oum.

So geeks, are you a fan of Monty’s work? Where do you think RWBY is headed? Let us know in the comment section below.

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