News: Rockstar Collection of ROCKSTARS!


Okay, we don’t know if this is an accident or they completely just revealed the future of what Rockstar has in store for us in the future.

According to and CD Universe, there is a November release of top notch Rockstar games into one called Rockstar Games Collection 1. Here is what the bundle will include upon purchase:

– Red Dead Redemption
– Midnight Club: Los Angeles Edition
– Grand Theft Auto 4: Stories of Liberty City
– LA Noir

The thing that bothers us most is the fact that GTA 4, the one that just created a landslide for future open world games, isn’t present in this collaboration of games. It would be nice to see Niko Ballic back in action with these great titles, but does that mean they have something in store for him? Maybe he’ll join the other heroes (anti-heroes) of the GTA series, heck maybe even their table tennis. One thing is for sure, is bundle is a must have if you haven’t picked up any of these games.

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