News: Retailers Canceling Pre-Orders of Destiny’s Limited Edition?!

If you’re reading this and you have a limited edition order of Destiny. Stop! And quickly double check your pre-order with your retailer!

Ok, you’re back? Hopefully you still have your pre-order intact because we’ve received reports of retailers like Best Buy have been canceling limited pre-orders of Destiny due to the high volume of demand and limited supply upon release. At the current moment, some stores still have the pre-order intact but it’s becoming rare to find the limited editions around.


The limited edition of Destiny comes with:

  • A Steel Book Case with the game
  • A Ghost Replica
  • Post Cards from the Game’s Golden Age
  • Guardian Folio
  • “Arms and Armament” Field Guide
  • A Ghost Casing
  • Antique Star Chart
  • Exclusive Skin and Emblem
  • And the Expansion pass

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