News: Price is still in debate for the Playstation 4


So you want to know the price of the Playstation 4 eh?

Sadly there were two crucial things we missed at the Sony press conference: The Price and th Console itself. All things D questioned Jack Tretton, the CEO of SCEA about the price:

I certainly hope not. I think we’re very proud of what we delivered with the PlayStation 3 in terms of technology, and that we were able to enhance the features while still reducing the price to $249. But I think our goal with this is to debut at a more consumer-friendly price. But we haven’t made any final decisions about what the price will be at launch.


They also asked about the console and Tretton had a very interesting statement for it:

I guess when I think about the console, you open it up, you look at it, you certainly look at it when you insert a disc, but for most people, it’s behind a cabinet or on a shelf somewhere and you spend all your time looking at the screen. And we wanted to show people the screen. There will be multiple opportunities to share the look of the console between now and the launch. We just didn’t choose this first event as the time to show it.

Does this mean there’s a cooler way to insert a disc?! and are they going for a system we won’t be able to put away? hmmm…


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