News: Playstation 4 will be supported by almost all major Third party companies!


We were at the Sony event so it’s time for us to get a little more detailed on the Sony Playstation 4!

If you’re worried about support for Sony from third Party developers, well “don’ worry ’bout it.” The new console will be supported by every major companies according to Sony. This is one of the things we feared since Sony didn’t really have a good first impression when the Playstation 3 came out with its cost and its complicated system to program for.


You’ll be glad that Sony will get support even from the biggest companies in gaming. Bungee is on the bandwagon by announcing Destiny for the Playstation. The new multiplayer game is set to computers sometime this year or next year.


A surprising note on Blizzard entertainment. The PC gaming giant responsible for games like World of Warcraft and Starcraft is bringing their Diablo III to Sony’s console system. Right now it’s not known if the company is exclusive for Sony, but the bigger question is: will this be the only game coming to consoles or will we see the other IPs? They took the market by storm with WoW, why not bring it to the consoles?

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