News: Playstation 4 Goes on the Cloud


We know y’all love features so here’s one from Sony’s PS4!

The Cloud! If you’re new to that kind of technology, well, come over to the 21st century. The PS4 is partnering up with GAIKAI, a company with one of the largest online cloud gaming libraries to bring a proper backwards compatibility deal to Sony’s new system. Sony plans to put their PS1, PS2, and PS3 titles in a similar world like OnLive. Think Netflix for games. This is also a good opportunity since it presents othe opportunities for the console since the power of the system shouldn’t matter since game streaming focuses on the speed of your Internet and the Wi-fi technology of the product. It might also bring other games to the console, maybe even steam?


Another thing included with the Playstation 4 is the ability to play games while they’re downloading. Sony has developed a chip that functions separately so that you have the ability to play while downloading, which is a similar concept to youtube’s buffering load times. If you get your hands on a game your itching to play, well you don’t have to wait that long to start it up, just simply start playing as it downloads.

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