News: Nintendo Confirms Apps for Smartphones

Nintendo games on the iPhone. I bet you could imagine some games on it, right? After years of speculation, Nintendo is finally out with it! It’s not yet the games though, but seriously, you know the drill, first are apps then the games usually follow and honestly, there isn’t any difference in our eyes.


It is our intention to release some applications on smart devices this year.

One sentence is all it took and the internet goes wild with the news! Our friends from Nikkei, a publication in Japan, first published Nintendo’s intention for creating apps for smart devices. Nintendo partially denied the article, since they intend to make apps for smart devices. Nothing’s been mentioned about having games ported to mobile devices. Honestly, Nintendo isn’t doing good in terms of the Wii U, but they do have a wad of cash (according to information we gathered from our sources, mainly ign). A good 11 billion, last time we’ve heard, but having a mobile gaming strategy isn’t a bad idea, if they somehow release some games on smart devices, they’ll be making huge bucks!

Right now, we’ll settle for these apps, but sooner or later, Nintendo will have a strong decision to make. Whether they release a game on mobile devices or not.

So should Nintendo release games for the mobile devices? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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