News: Nintendo brings E3 to you!


It sucks that Nintendo, one of the big three gaming companies, won’t be conducting any major announcements in this years E3, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have anything up their sleeves.

Reggie, president of Nintendo America, wants to bring E3 to the masses. Well, just Nintendo’s E3. So if you have not experienced how E3 is and get to play the games way ahead of its scheduled release, you can finally do it! At Bestbuy!

“This year we’re making E3 for the people, We want to make sure you get the chance to try our games as well. We’ve partnered with Best Buy to make it possible for consumer in the United States and Canada to experience select unreleased Wii U games at more than 100 retail locations during the week of E3”

Says Fils-Aime. So when E3 comes around this June, don’t wait on us to bring you the news, it might be coming to you instead.

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