News: MAD Catz Gone Mad with Lynx Controller!

Ever seen a Transforming controller? Well, you probably have, but nothing like this!


Let me introduce Mad Catz’s L.Y.N.X. Controller. Now, I’m not familiar with the acronyms, but I can tell you this is one of the most insane controllers I have ever seen!


The controller is going to be available for the PC and the android sometime in the near future, however Mad Catz’s idea for the controller is to practically be an all in one.


If you do plan on getting it, the controller will have the ability to fold in for easy storage, a QWERTY keyboard attachment, a clip for the phone and an added extra feature a mouse sensor pad, mic and HDMI connection. WOW.


But wait! There’s more! The Lynx can also break apart to clip over a tablet for tablet gameplay for those who love the bigger screens. Mad Catz hasn’t announced any plans for iOS or console integrations of the controller as of yet but the fact that this is coming soon means that we, will be seeing a lot more of these insane all-in-one creations in the future.


Mad Catz hasn’t announce a release date as of yet but the controller is planned to have a price tag of $300 USD.

So what do you awesome people think of the new Mad Catz controller? Let us know in the comment section below.

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