News: Legend of Korra Pulled from Air

Now before you go on judging the title, NO, it is not the end of the Legend of Korra series. She’s just gonna appear in a different medium

Korra is going digital! Well, that’s the plan anyway. No official announcement has been made yet to what kind of digital medium Korra will appear on. Creators of Legend of Korra have said that announcements will be made at this year’s Comic-Con.

The biggest reason Korra is being pulled is the below average viewership it attained half way through the third season. Ratings for the show is still phoenominal, but since there’s such a few audience paying attention, Nickelodeon is looking to venture other ways the show can gain a following.


And if you fear the cancellation of the series, you can relax because it was also been announced that there was a fourth season planned. At this point, ideally,it would be great to see Korra on Hulu or Netflix, but it doesn’t hurt to also see her I the iTunes or Google Play Store.


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