Rumor: J. J. Abrams is the next Star Wars Director!


Update: Disney has confirmed that Abrams is the director of Star Wars Episode VII.

Some reports have been coming in stating that the director of Star Trek is tapping into the power of the Force. Most of us are used to seeing the light humor and very whole heartedly tale of George Lucas from his perspective, but now, the next generation of Star Wars might be something different and it might be something we need for Star Wars.

According to sources, J. J. Abrams denied being involved with the new Disney asset, but we know Abrams and we KNOW he’s a geek. Of course he directed Star Trek, which he made a tad more action heavy than that of the television counter parts. He also directed Super 8 and was one of the creators who made lost.


So for him to pass a Star Wars opportunity is highly unlikely, but the question now is, did the question of being the next Star Wars Director ever cross him and if he did, is he being truthful or just pulling our leg? We’ll keep digging around and see what we can dig up, but for the mean time stick with us for the latest updates.

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