News: It’s official the US Congress is more hated than Jar Jar Binks!

So while browsing the internet earlier today I stumbled across a great article. It’s titled captivated my attention in an instant. What was that title you ask?

Congress is officially less popular than the worst “Star Wars” character ever.

Yup! You read that correctly. The US hates their congress more than they do Jar Jar! I’m still having a little trouble believing this myself but according to the article over at RawStory the statistics add up.

A survey by online pollster Nate Silver’s site determined that Jar Jar Binks, who appeared in Episode I: The Phantom Menace, was disliked by 37 percent of respondent, compared to 29 percent who said they had a “favorable” view of the character, resulting in a net rating of -8.

But by comparison, Post analysis of 578 different surveys found that Congress had a -57 net rating, thanks to a 69 percent disapproval rate, with only 12 percent of respondents saying they approved of legislators’ performance.

Writes Arturo Garcia of RawStory in his recently published article. While I personally don’t hate Jar Jar I certainly am not a fan of his, not unlike most Star Wars fans. This news certainly surprised all of us here at My Geek Review as while we knew congress wasn’t looked upon favorably as of late, we had no idea they were this hated.


Source: RawStory

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