News: iOS 6.0.1 has Come!


We know you all hate the the new form of iOS because of all the bugs and especially the “MAPS” app, but the cool thing about apple is the fact that they try their best to satisfy the consumers by upgrading and fixing things that seem to be of problem in their products.

We’ve been itching for a good upgrade to compliment the release of the iPhone 5, sadly it isn’t here yet, but that doesn’t mean they’re not making any improvements. 6.0.1’s release might be small, but the nifty update fixes some annoyances found in the operating system.


Here’s what 6.0.1’s fixes and upgrades:

***iPhone 5 owners! make sure that you download an updater app before getting the update***

– a fix for the iPhone 5’s inability to receive OTA software updates found in the iPhone and 5th gen iPod touches.

– Connecting to a WPA-2 encrypted wi-fi networks and other cellular issues

– Passcode Fixes

– Keyboard Glitches fix

– fix for iPhone 5’s inability to use Flash while taking a picture

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