News: God of War 300!


It was only about damn time that we hear the epic movie 300 collide with Kratos right? I mean c’mon, the movie and game was so epic that it needed each other to be epic-er!

No, there isn’t a 300 movie where you’ll see the Gods of Olympus crack down on the Spartans nor will you see Xerxes bring a trillion arrows that blot out the sun against Kratos. What you will see is Kratos wearing Leonidas’ Spartan Armor which literally just translates to a cape, spear and shield.


The promo content is only available to those who pre-order the God of War: Ascension game at GameStop. What you will get was as mentioned above:

– Leonidas Cape
– the Spartan Spear and shield
– new moves with the bonus content
– Double-sided poster!

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and get the content before we spartan kick you off into a nasty, dank well!

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