News: GameStop to take unlimited pre-orders for the PS4


Alright, everyone! If you’re gearing up for the emergence of next-gen consoles, this is it! GameStop just announced – until further notice, of course – that they will be taking UNLIMITED pre-orders for the PS4!

I know we were very verbal about our criticism of the Xbox One, perhaps to the point where we do look like a bunch of Sony fanboys, but guess what? We aren’t the only ones! Before the Xbox One announcement, GameStop were really looking forward to the new Microsoft system – until it was actually announced.
Now, they’re radio-silent. It certainly seems like they’re leaning towards the PlayStation just a little bit.


“Starting now, through this weekend and until further notice, Sony has allowed us to take unlimited preorders beyond your current allotments,”

“In other words, the floodgates are open for PS4 system reserves, we will let you know when to stop preordering based on limited quantities.”

Pretty crazy, right? Well here’s the proof that GameStop is pro-PlayStation:


According to Jack Tretton, President of SCEA “GameStop plans to buy every single PS4 System we manufacture.” Well, then… If you think you don’t have a chance of getting a PS4 this holiday season, well, it’s time to start pre-ordering, because as of this weekend, the gates are open for unlimited pre-orders.

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