News: Elder Scrolls Online will not require Playstation Plus, but requires Xbox Live Gold Membership

Bethesda’s most anticipated game this year is making a huge bang, you can literally scour the net and you’ll find out that almost everyone is talking about Elder Scrolls Online. There is a new insight on how the game will work for both the consoles and PC, particularly at the moment, it isn’t looking good for the Xbox, but they’re in the talks though, so don’t you worry Microsoft fans.


Zenimax Online Studios Game Director Matt Firor confirmed that Playstation 4 will not require a plus subscription to play Elder Scrolls Online due to the fact that Bethesda plans to have a monthly subscription for the game. Currently, they are in talks with Microsoft to let Xbox Gamers the chance to play Elder Scrolls Online without the hassle of having a gold membership so more people have access to the game. As of right now, Firor stated that it is required for Xbox One to have a Gold membership, but that could change in the coming months.

The game has a PC release date of April 4, requiring a $14.99 monthly subscription following the console releases in June, just in time for E3.

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