News: Blizzcon returns 2013!


We know you missed going to the halls of Azeroth and visiting your friends in your LAN party las year, but fret no more, the home of Starcraft and Warcraft comes back this year!

Set your calendars for November 8 and 9 ladies and gents, this is the day where Blizzcon will make its comeback. If you haven’t been to Blizzcon, it is an experience every gamer should at least visit once. So what is there in this year’s Blizzcon? We’re expecting a volume of expansion packs but the biggest we’re looking at is the expansion to Diablo III and the release of their “Project Titan”.


Here’s some activities to do at Blizzcon to get you guys and gals an idea of what Blizzcon might be this year:

– Hands-on playtime with newest and latest IPs of Blizzard Entertainment games

– A global pro tournament with the pros

– In-depth discussion panels with Blizzard’s finest

– Tournaments for us “non-pros”

– Contests (outside of gaming) with prizes!

– Merch!!!

– and other stuff

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