News: BioShock Infinite DLC: back to where it all began


Irrational Games surprised the faithful when it thrust BioShock Infinite into the skies. The quality of that BioShock iteration won over the doubters, but somewhere inside, we still wondered – what of Rapture? The new DLC for BioShock Infinite will ‘erase and rewind’ – to take us back to the halcyon days of Rapture – the emerald city under the sea.

When you ask gamers who play BioShock about the city of Rapture, more often than not, you’ll hear tales of a grim, dilapidated city, full of drug-addled maniacs known as splicers. This Rapture is different.
Your film noir-style story is set two years before Rapture’s fall from grace.


The new DLC, Burial at Sea, will have you play as Booker and Elizabeth with brand-new weapons and re-imagined characters. Booker is known to be a heavy-hitter, while playing as Elizabeth will require considerably more finesse. New powers will be also present. The new DLC is available now, with both episodes priced at $14.99

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