News: Behold! Steam OS


Valve are pretty darn good about keeping their projects quiet. We were all expecting Valve to make a next-gen console for the living room, little did we know that they’d take a step further and rather than just having a console, they developed an operating system available to everyone.

The Steam OS! Powered by Linux, Valve’s new operating system presents a huge opportunity in the gaming market. By being a free and open operating system, manufactures have the freedom to design the next wave of console and computer based games.


Operating similar to those like Apple TV or Chromecast, Steam OS will be available on multiple platforms at the mercy of manufacturers. This means that you can have a stream lined connection from your TV and Computer. Expect your PC to become a living room experience the minute the OS is on your screen. This is actually a good thing by turning your PC and TV into one.

Though there hasn’t been any official announcement on a dedicated Steam OS console, we have seen them before. Numerous mock-ups of Steam Boxes have surfaced in events like CES. We’re not sure how the UI will integrate a PC-TV experience, but rest assured that Valve means business and this time they’re coming for your living room.


Is Steam OS the beginning of a rise of a new console? Or would it flop similarly to those like Ouya or Apple TV?

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