News: Batman Arkham Origins has multiplayer?!


Rocksteady has become a legend amongst gamers by creating the very first critically acclaimed Batman game for the industry and now the mantle is being passed down to the WB studios in Montreal. If you haven’t played the Batman games, you are in serious need of some proper games for your system. We now have sources saying that there will be a multiplayer feature for the next installment of the game. We’ve thought about it, and honestly, if they do it right, this might work.


So let’s rewind just a bit, around March of this year, rumors started circulating about the Dark Knight making a return. We speculated what kind of Batman game it would be since the incident where Joker “accidentally” revealed Arkham World. So we waited and collected every source we could find on the new Arkham to see if a pattern would arise. As we pieced all rumors together,┬áit started to seem as though this might be a prequel. Sure enough – come April, there it is on Game Informer – “Batman: Arkham Origins”.


So now for our main event, what details have we gotten for the multiplayer aspect of Arkham Origins.

– Batman: Arkham Origins will feature a multiplayer component

– As far as we were told and had searched for, you either play as one of Joker’s henchmen or as a part of Bane’s gang as you try to take out Batman and/or Robin.


– There might be further multiplayer features

– Players can play as one of the iconic villains in the DC universe (which can be customized) they include: Deathstroke, Killer Croc, Deadshot, Electroman (some supervillain that uses electricity), Black Mask, Firefly.

Right now, Warner Brothers declined to comment on any multilayer component of the game.
The game has a release date of October 25 for PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC.

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