News: All 13 Steam Machine Specs!

They’re finally here! The so-called “console killers”. The machine that will unleash the full power of steam in your living room! And we have all 13 specs! (Well the ones we found out at the very least!)

AlienWare (Price: TBA)


Dell presented the AlienWare Steam Machine to the masses at CES and to be honest we love the design of the box. AlienWare has a reputation of making slick looking casings for their computers and they didn’t hold back on the Steam Machine. At the moment, there isn’t any specs we know of the AlienWare Steam Machine, but what we can say is that it has 2 USB Ports and it comes with the Steam controller. Judging that this is Dell and AlienWare, they’ll have multiple types of Steam Machines ranging in different specs and prices.

Alternate (Price: $1339)


The Alternate packs quite a punch. The focus here is clearly the insides of the system. 1 terabyte hard drive, 16 GB ram, Intel i5 and an Nvidia GTX 760 makes this a power house!

Bolt II (Price: $2584)


If you’re more into the PC look of your Steam Machine, look no further than the Bolt II. This is where the price starts to upscale in the steam machines. Though it is pricey, the fact that It carries an i7 a terabyte disc space and 150 GB solid drive sounds pretty tempting.

Falcon North West – TIKI (Price: $1799 – $6000)


Having the Blue Fire emblem on the side, the TIKI screams with power. The design isn’t really far from the current version of the TIKI but this is the first TIKI of its kind available using the Steam OS. It houses a powerful GTX Titan and the storage is just nuts! 6 Terabytes of space! Seriously! The price varies upon the processing power of the machine, so if you want to go full on $6000, you’ll pretty much have a wild machine.

Materiel.Net (Price: $1098)


Some of us, aren’t really super hard core PC gaming or gaming in general. Honestly some of us prefer something a little simpler since we already either have the home consoles or we’re not gonna buy everything that’s going on at every Steam Sale. At a humble price of $1098, Materiel.Net offers a good Steam Machine boasting 8GB ram, an i5 processor and a good storage space of 1TB + 8GB solid drives.



Ok, this Steam machine is interesting since it’s just slightly more powerful than the current-gen systems of the PS4 and Xbox One. We’re guessing that this system will cost you well over below a thousand dollars, so if you want a system that you can put right next to your consoles, it’s the SPA. Kind of weird though since it has the green X on it…hmm…

Webhallen (Price: $1499)


The Webhallen takes a simple cube design similar to some other Steam Machines, but the unique thing about it is that it boasts double of everything to the console counter-part. Double processing power, double the graphics power, double the space and double the price.

CYBERPOWERPC (Price: $499 and up)


If you wanted your steam machine to look more like a console then CYBERPOWERPC is the way to go. At the moment it houses AMD processors and chip-sets, but what’s cool is that the folks behind CYBERPOWERPC will customize it to your every need, they can even put intel chips. We also got a release of the second half of this year.

Gigabyte – Brix Pro (Price: TBA)


They weren’t kidding, it actually looks like a brick! Don’t let it’s looks fool you though, the Brix Pro houses the i7 chip and the integrated Intel Iris Pro 5200. It’s interesting that not a lot of the steam machines have integrated graphics, but hey, we’ll see how it plays out.

iBUYPOWER (Price: $499 and up)


Ok, seriously though, doesn’t the iBUYPOWER look like a PS4? It’s cool if you want something to partner up with the home console you have. The iBUYPOWER didn’t specify any specs specifically since they plan it to be customizable like other Steam Machines. They can house both AMD and Intel as well as AMD graphics and Radeon Graphics.

Origin PC – Chronos (price: TBA)


The Chronos comes in heavy with intense system schematics. It’s not mentioned above but we did find out that this beast carries 32 GB of RAM and 14 TB of space! We don’t even know why the price hasn’t been announced since we know very well that the price will be way above a grand.

SCAN – NC10 (Price: 1090)


The NC10 looks very much like a scanner in terms of its design. It’s flat look bundled with a high-end graphics and an i3 is a good machine if you’re not looking to run Crysis on the highest settings and just simply looking for something good to play on steam.

Zotac (Price: $599)


If you wanted a Steam Machine to be at the same level as the console counter-parts, then look no further than the Zotac. Coming in at $599 we believe that it’ll come with your standard i3 at least and graphics as power full as the PS4 or Xbox One. The insides to the Zotac hasn’t been announced yet, but you get the idea.

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