News: 128 GB iPad!


A new model for the iPad has been leaked for a few weeks now and we can confirm of the release of the 128GB iPad.

So here’s the sitch: the “New” version of the iPad will retain all of the features of its current counterpart, the only change is the capacity and the cost. On February 5th, the new iPad will come at a whopping $799 for a standard version with the 128 GB capacity and $929 with the LTE built in.


We do have one advice though, if you’re looking to buy an iPad and don’t have a laptop yet, we highly suggest just getting the laptop since the price is close enough for their MacBook Air price. Plus there are other laptops there that are cheaper too. If you really need an iPad with that much memory, by all means you’re more than welcome for it specially if you’re one of those app heavy downloaders and movie/music fanatics.

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