The Dark Knight is back in an all-new series

Tomorrow morning, after several months’ hiatus, Cartoon Network’s DC Nation returns with a new show, “Beware The Batman” is the first in the long line of Batman TV shows to be 3-D-animated, I wonder if that will help bolster its ratings? Can this new show outshine its predecessors? Or will it leave us wanting more without leaving the shadow of other Batman shows?

From what I’ve seen, the show looks compelling – for instance, one synopsis I’ve come upon includes Alfred hiring Katana as his own replacement. The moment I read her name, my interested was obviously piqued – she is being brought into a completely new position for her character – I only know Katana as a member of The Outsiders.

You can check out the trailer for the first episode, “Hunted,” here.
Cartoon Network will air “Beware The Batman” on Saturday mornings at 10/9c.

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