My Love Story Volume 2 Review

My Love Story Volume 2 Review

By Emma Smith

This is about the second volume of the manga “My Love Story/Ore no monogatari”. It was good volume that presented Takeo and Yamato’s relationship, Takeo and Suna’s friendship, and continues to show Takeo’s personality in a wonderful way.

Takeo and Yamato’s relationship blossomed in this volume. Among other struggles, the couple faced off with friends, Suna, and a tough Judo match. In every event, Yamato proved her love by supporting Takeo. His decisions, his friend, and their relationship were each saved by Yamato’s support. Furthermore, he was able to win the Judo match! The affection between the couple resounds throughout the volume. The romance in this series is strong.

This volume also explores the friendship between the couple and Sunakawa. Takeo remains loyal to this particular relationship. When Suna’s father is in the hospital, for example, he stays with him despite it being Yamato’s birthday. The key here is Yamato’s permission and acceptance. Their friendship can only get stronger. When Yamato’s birthday comes around, Suna is also involved in the planning of it. He is a large influence in the couple’s life.

In this volume, Takeo’s personality is further explored. He is a caring and kind person who happens to be loyal and trustworthy. In part of the volume, Yamato’s friends bad mouth and discriminate against him. Later, they are in danger from a fire but are saved by Takeo himself. This proves his love for Yamato and his willingness to forgive. Additionally, Takeo takes part in Judo. While with his teammates, he devotes his time to them without slacking off or being distracted. Takeo was well prepared, attentive and marvelous at Judo.

The second volume of My Love Story opens the characters for the audience to see. Yamato has matured, Takeo has become more loyal and Sunakawa has influenced them both. Throughout the story, their trials and connections became stronger. It was interesting to see how far things could escalate. This series is clearly worth the read!

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