Mario Warfare – Mario meets Shooters

Growing up like all self respecting Gamers, I loved Mario games. I mean seriously who doesn’t, it’s Mario(and Luigi)! So when I found Mario Warfare on Kickstarter I knew it was going to be amazing!

Mario Warfare is a new web series from Beat Down Boogie the creators of Modern War Gear Solid. Never heard of them before? That’s ok! That is one of the reasons I am writing this article! To share a great new independent project!! So Mario Warfare is in a canon of its own, so far they have released one episode and it seems to be a huge success(especially from those of us here at MGR I have personally pledged $25 of my own money to this project to make sure it succeeds).

The characters we know and love have been given a more human form, in the first episode we see:

Bullet Bill GT4pl



Bowser(Sort of)






Bowser’s airships rain destruction on the Mushroom Kingdom. The King is missing, presumed dead. The Princess is on the run. A couple plumbers answer the call of duty and sign up to fight. Now Mario, Luigi (and a team of old school video game characters) are thrown into the gritty new world of first person shooters like COD and Battlefield.

Imagine “Super Mario Brothers meets Blackhawk Down.” With a healthy dose of humor. That’s our new web series, Mario Warfare! It’s a loving parody of classic video games and epic action-films.”


The Kickstarter campaign is a little more than half-way over and they have surpassed their funding goals by over $1,500 but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go and help out! Every little bit helps, and if they make enough money they can work on Mario Warfare more often and worry less about their normal day job’s. Episode 1 does a GREAT job of starting the series off and Episode 2 is going to be even better!


I reached out to the creator of Mario Warfare and asked

Sam: “How did the idea for Mario Warfare came about?”

Micah:”We used to make little action films for fun. In our downtime, our crew plays a lot of video games. Our parodies are a way to combine all those interests. Rick and Brian (our tech director and stunt coordinator) play a lot of CoD, so we take that and combine it with games that Matt (our fight coordinator) and I play.
Mario Warfare is a fun opportunity to compare and contrast the most popular old skool franchise with the most popular new franchise.
The Mario games have always focused on fun gameplay mechanics. There’s not a ton of characterization, which makes it difficult to riff on their personalities. But I realized there are some big themes in the Mario Brothers franchise: Brotherhood and the bond of family….the responsibility of maintaining a prosperous Kingdom….a royal servant’s loyalty to that Kingdom. I think a lot of people recognize these themes and it’s fun to see them in the Mushroom Kingdom.”

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