News: JLO as a Super Hero?

Hop off my block Jenny
Jennifer Lopez has recently come out and announced that she too wants to be apart of a cinematic comic book universe. In a seemingly unrelated story, however, I want a billion dollars. Now you may be asking how these stories are related and the answer is that, neither of us are likely to get what we want any time soon.
As quickly as her opinion was announced, the Internet made its voice heard, with the average response to her request being, “No”. though some were a little more generous in adding a, “Thank you”, to the end. The most common explanation for this uproar, aside from the normal toxicity found on Internet forums, comes from their belief that she isn’t talented enough to keep audiences invested in a character for two hours, let alone contractual multi-picture deals and cross-overs that are typical of the modern-day comic book films.
Popular opinion aside, the real reason for any apprehension is her desperate attempt at marketing herself rather than it being a plea from someone who actually cares about the source material. On one hand, there are plenty of actors in comic book films that have never even looked at a comic before. However, most of the successful ones had an actual ownership of their characters. Look at Iron Man and, be honest, who else could really ever play him? No one, that’s who!
On the other hand, is there any character JLo can effectively personify? Ultimately, there are better choices of actresses who could embody the roles fluently and for a longer period of time (here’s hoping we’ll get Copperhead in a Batman film).
This isn’t to say that female super heroes do not exist; nor that we don’t want to see them on the big screen. In fact, with the explosion of geek culture, the demand is higher now more than ever. We need to do better than Jennifer Lopez though. While this is all merely speculation, all we can do is make our opinions heard far and wide, in the hopes that the studios involved will take the hint.

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