Indiecade 2014: Review: Pandante


co written by Aliya k and Irving Aria

    • Pandante: Pandante is a gambling game that’s all about lying. It’s the Panda’s version of poker that brings joy to all. And it has a Gold Fairy. You should see how the Pandas gamble. Everything about it is familiar, yet different. The cards are oversized to fit their paws. It’s sort of like Texas Hold ‘Em poker, but you don’t have to know anything about that to play it. The whole game centers around constantly lying, which makes it a lot of fun. While they have a way of playing it for real money, they also have a way that makes for a great social or family game for 2 – 6 players.

      • The Pandas are laughing and joking the whole way through!
      • You can also play it with real money…if you’re Panda enough!
      • developer: David Sirlin
      • platform: : Card Game

Pandante is one of the infamous Sirlin Games! It is all about gambling and lying! Pandante is a unique twist between the common card games: Poker and Bull Sh!t. The game can have up to six players at a time (family friendly and great at parties). It begins similar to poker: everyone gets a certain amount of chips and is dealt two cards. The dealer places three additional cards in the center and gets to see everything in play before making any moves! This is usually the position every player wants.


Each card has a special ability such as Blue: “Paranoia: Privately see a random card from a highest hand”. These special abilities can be used when all cards ar in play. However, you must choose which to use and use it wisely. The game is set up so players can use any ability but their fellow players wouldn’t know which ability they do/don’t have.

pandante 1

The BS element: you may “challenge” any special ability claimed using a challenge card. When the challenge card is played the other player must reveal their card/bluff. If they are bluffing they must pay up, if not, you lose chips.


The highest honor of this game is the Panda Lord. A Panda Lord card is attained by wining at Pandante using only lies. Each Panda Lord card has it’s own ability that can help you as well!


Pandante comes in three sizes:



The Standard deck consists of :

1 deck of oversized Pandante cards, 6 boards, a dealer button,and a rulebook.

It’s the perfect size to fit in a backpack or carry in hand to a party. Pandante games usually run 15-20 minutes long but they are popular and gaining fans!

In fact, Sirlin is already selling Pandante for those interested.

However, Sirlin has thought ahead again! For those fans interested in playing a pure version of poker, there is a poker deck available as well (sold separately) which can be used as a compliment to your Pandante deck.

poker 1


There’s just one question left: ARE YOU PANDA ENOUGH?


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