Indiecade 2014: Review: Heifer Heist


In Heifer Heist, aliens have crash landed on Planet Earth on their way to a Martian agricultural conference. They need organic material to fix their ships. Fortunately, they’ve landed in a field of cows, and what better organic material than cows!

But the farmer isn’t too happy about them “borrowing” his cattle! Dodge the angry farmer and be the first to bring 10 cows to your mothership and escape!

Alien Chasing Cow

About Heifer Heist: Heifer Heist is a fun board game designed by students of the University of Illinois, with art by Katie Kahu and puns by Jess Chu. It was originally designed as a paper prototype for a symposium, hosted by the University, for a design competition. Heifer Heist is a fun, family friendly game featuring playful designs, a unique board and comical (pun) cards. Exciting News: they are considering creating their own company: Cow and Duck Co.!

Tiles: Players can arrange the board tiles in any way so the game is never the same.

The Board is made of Pasture tiles. Each tile contains four spaces.

There are five types of spaces:

  • Field: blank space, as aliens, you are used to this
  • Meadow: Cows are placed on these spaces when a tile is flipped or when a cow is lost
  • Silo: aliens cannot pass through this space
  • Crop Circle: Players draw a card when they pass over one of these spaces [only one use per turn]
  • Mothership: The dropoff point for any cows your alien has collected
    • Notes: throughout the rules, the term “adjacent” referes to the left,right, top or bottom but not diagonal


Setting up:

Players set their corresponding corner tiles in the correct corner of the board. Then, the other tiles are divided equally and set anywhere on the board, face down. Cows are placed on the empty meadow spaces on the Barn Tile and the left over cows are placed in a pile beside the board.


How to play:

Each player rolls a die to decide who goes first. The alien/ player with the largest number begins and the cycle rotates to the left. A turn can consist of three plays:

  • Moovement: moving from tile to tile
  • Cow-mbat: taking a cow from another alien
  • Card play


Then the farmers take their turns!

The game is constructed with simple mechanics that build upon each other and allow players to build inventive strategies


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