Indiecade 2014: Review: Grow

      • Grow: “Grow is a 3-Dimensional, strategy game where up to 2-4 players compete to become the dominant flower color on an abstract tree. The game features an elegant, simple-to-learn set of rules ideal for younger children while offering a deep level of strategic nuance for more advanced players. The main mechanics of Grow include territorial acquisition, a 3-Dimensional modular board, route building, and a light simulation that mimics the growth of an actual tree. Playthrough times are completely adjustable and typically last anywhere between 30-90 minutes.”
        • developer: Chris Hassebrook, T. A. Pribbenow, & Kyle Bromley
        • platform: Tabletop



grow 3

Grow was a lot of fun to watch. Unfortunately, it was also very busy so I didn’t get a chance to play it. I did however, get a chance to talk to Tap aka (TA Pribbenow). He told me more about how Grow came about. Grow is a game¬†created over 2+ years, meant to function as structural art as well as strategy. It is a family/kid friendly game but it is compatible with any age group (much like Chess according to Tap). Creators of Grow all come from the Savannah Art School and took art history. With this background they created a game that would change its looks and outcomes with each round.


The game begins when the root of the tree is assembled on the board. Each player begins a turn by attaching a branch piece into the tree trunk. Each player may then attach a leaf or another branch to any branch in play. There are half as many branches as leaves so the game is challenging. Leaves can be built upon branches or other leaves but not on the roots of the tree, much like a factual leaf. A player can choose to build a leaf on a leaf or a flower on a leaf. Winning depends on how many flowers you’ve got on the board.With so many choices the game is constantly in flux.


Overall, Grow seems like a lot of fun!

appearance: simple chic

playability/ approachability: easy at any level/ anyone can check it out

instructions: easy

Participate? Oh Yeah!

Overall Score: 3/5

Reasoning: For adults, although it can be fun and challenging, it doesn’t really hold your attention. It does require at least two players to make it interesting. Otherwise, you’re basically just decorating a lone tree. While I think kids individually, or in groups like school, would be interested, if an adult gets tired after a while a child will too. It’s an awesome concept overall, which is why I think it deserves what it got but this is one of those toys you might see lining the shelf at Big Lots!

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