Happy Marriage?! Volume 1 Review

Happy Marriage vol. 1 by Maki Enjoji manga review

By Emma Smith

The story starts with the main female character, Chiwa Takanashi. She is an ordinary office worker, but is not experienced in love. Her family, especially her father, deals with financial issues. Hokuto Mamiya’s, the president of the company, grandfather offers to take care of Chiwa’s family’s financial debts under the condition, she marries Hokuto.

At first, she is hesistant, but Chiwa agrees to the arranged marriage with the CEO Hokuto Mamiya. Of course, their relationship is not ideal. They have misunderstandings or bicker constantly. Hokuto, for example, is not particularly tidy so Chiwa would clean up after him and Hokuto is shocked to find Chiwa is a virgin. Furthermore, they keep their marriage a secret from others in the company except certain people like Hokuto’s assistant Soma.

Chiwa is jealous of Soma’s looks at first, but it turns out Soma is in her fifties and has known Hokuto since he was little. Soma tells Chiwa she has nothing to worry about. There’s a hilarious part when Hokuto and Chiwa go to Love hotel to hide from Chiwa’s friends and Chiwa mistakes a condom for a teabag. Still, they slowly start to develop feelings for each other.

I think this is a good manga, especially for romantic-comedy manga fans. It’s rare to find Josei (a genre geared towards adult women) manga and anime in America. It’s interesting that the relationship begins as an arranged marriage. Arranged marriages tend to be taboo at times. I do like that they develop feelings, but it’s not love at first sight.

Chiwa is a likable character and is relatable in some ways. Hokuto, being the stubborn, tough guy, is at times funny. The plot is not hard to follow and is well paced. The art style is well drawn, as I looked at it and it suits the romantic story atmosphere. I recommend it.

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