Happy Birthday, Skyward Sword! + Top 3 reasons why Skyward Sword is amazing

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, the latest installment in the “Zelda” franchise, was released exactly 1 year ago to the day.

While there are some disagreements, the general consensus of the fan-base seems to be that Skyward Sword was either the best, or at least one of the best games of The Legend of Zelda franchise.

While my reviews of all 16 Zelda games has been postponed to beginning on January 1st, I shall use the remainder of this article to make a list of why Skyward Sword was amazing:

3.) Characters

Since Majora’s Mask, the Zelda series has always had a high bar for characterization and for the first time since, the bar have been reached if not exceeded. The 2nd-in-command villain Ghirahim, is flamboyant, sadistic, and about as evil as it gets with his desires to “not kill, but beat you within an inch of your life so you will know to never cross him again”.

Groose, *SPOILER ALERT* goes from being a massive jerk with no manners, to having a complete character change of realizing his important destiny and in the end, the world would have been screwed without his help.

Demise, the final boss, shows a very samurai reminiscent code of honor, while still stating that he will slaughter everything in his path, making Ganondorf all the more terrifying when you discover they are one in the same.

2.) Controls 

While there is a lot of mixed feelings around the internet on this matter, I for one loved the Wii Motion + and what it did for the experience. When you swing the Wii Remote in a direction, Link will swing his sword in the same direction. When you fly on the loftwing or control the Beetle, it feels very fluid, like it’s a natural control that requires no difficulty to maneuver.

This may be more of an AI thing, but when you enemies have their defenses in one place, you have to swing your sword in the direction that will hit whatever part of them is open. While not too huge of a change, it is amazing that this level of challenge is there to be precise and not just swing randomly.

1.) Story

I could go on forever on why Skyward Sword has the best story of any Zelda game, but I think to condense the reasons, I’ll just list a FEW of the amazing plot points and why they tie in to the whole franchise. Obviously, spoilers are to follow:

Link being a knight in training? That makes perfect sense based on everything the previous games have shown of him being skilled with a sword.

Groose starting off as a bully who kidnaps and hides Link’s bird? Makes him completely despicable, thus catching us off guard when he decides that he doesn’t care about his past, he just wants to do the right thing and assist Link. (again, I love Groose’s character arc)

Link going through the trials of the Goddesses and gaining the marks of the triforce? So great! Seeing as this game is the Ultimate Prequel, taking place before any other game, it felt so good to see Link’s sword get tempered and to see the Triforce of Courage glowing on his hand for a brief instance. That 5 second frame was probably one of my favorite moments in the whole series.

And last but not least, that ending battle. By the name of Her Grace, Hylia, I swear that had to be the most epic finale to a video game that the world has seen for a very long time. Link absorbing lightning into the Master Sword to fire it at the man who will one day be reincarnated as Ganondorf was just too amazing to handle.


That’s all for now, I hope you guys are now looking forward to my full review of Skyward Sword early next year once I get to it, which may take a little while since I have to go through every game.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article and enjoyed The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, here’s to 1 year of greatness, and to the Zelda Franchise continuing this path of excellence.