Halo 13

Now before you Halo fans start wondering what the hell I am talking about let me clarify this: No I am NOT talking about a new installment in the Halo franchise. There now that, that is out-of-the-way we can get down to business. I was trying to figure out what to do today with my friend Sydney and she suggested the Burbank Galleria and I wasn’t sure at first because she said it’s partly outdoors and given the heat down in here California(Around 90 degrees in the morning!) you can imagine my reluctance to go to it but then she told me about this Geeky/Nerdy store called Halo 13. Of course that peaked my interest so I agreed to go and I was not disappointed!

It’s a small store but they fit so much stuff in to it, it’s amazing!

Upon walking up to the store I was already breath taken! It was just so beautiful! So Nerdy! So Geeky! I loved it! And that was before going in!! The window displays had all sorts of busts, statues and statuettes. Behind the counter they had replicas from famous movies. Around the store they had all sorts of cool merchandise from various comics. They had a hand-made leather replica Nightwing mask, and another mask that was more just a generic super hero though it could have belonged to an incarnation of The Flash. They had a Mace Windu from Return of the Jedi I believe it was, they had Kevin and Sam Flynn too! This place was just so cool! They have handmade movie replica props from people looking to get into the business as well as from Sideshow Collectibles. They have Japanese Imports, RP night including Star Trek, Star Wars, and D&D but with the DM’s own twist.

The DM prefers to call himself “g.o.d.” though which stands for something along the lines of games operational director I believe. Their RP nights are Monday’s starting at 6:00PM in their Burbank store. They also have Yu-Gi-Oh on Wednesdays and Saturdays, Vanguard on Thursdays and Magic The Gathering on Fridays. If you go you may even see me there! If you do please feel free to come and say hello! I’d love to meet some of our readers! Anyways back on topic, They are a very geeky and nerdy store, so much so that they prompted me to write a post about them! They are lined wall to wall with Geeky and Nerdy products!

I talked to the Junior Manager Michael who is also their PR guy and he told me that if all goes well they plan to be opening another store in Eagle Rock shortly under a franchise. Good luck to them in that endeavor! I plan to come back and hang here!












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