Geek Girl EP – Hello, The Future!

Logan Heftel, a Musician, amateur Geek, and friend of mine brought this girl to my attention and took it upon himself to write a review. So without further ado here is his post about Hello, The Future!:

Nicole Dieker is a singer/songwriter who records and performs as Hello, The Future! She built her audience (and taught herself guitar) by posting one song a week to YouTube for 100 consecutive weeks beginning in 2010. Last week she hit her $6000 funding goal on Kickstarter for her first studio album Giant Robot Album.

At the time of this post, Giant Robot Album has raised $6,343 with 48 hours still to go.

Nicole recorded Geek Girl EP to give as an immediate reward for backers of Giant Robot Album. Each song is told from the perspective of a different female geek fandom character. Simply arranged on acoustic guitar and voice, Hello, The Future! sounds like a centuries old songbook written to our present time.

Although these songs are the words of fictional characters, their themes resonate true. Her driving melodies and conversational lyrics reflect her background in musical theatre, and it makes for precise, unexpected and analytical listening. I find myself counting measures in anticipation of meter changes. A song like “I Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen To Me” could very well be the voice of the Game Of Thrones Generation. “I know I must remember the past and I must remember what I have learned and I don’t know what’s going to happen to me” is exactly the kind of lyric some songwriting teachers would dismiss. Nicole’s lyric and delivery not only work, they stick in your head.

The music of Hello, The Future! is 21st century American folk at its purest.

The Kickstarter:

Geek Girl EP

Magic In Me (Julia Wicker, The Magician King)
No Hunger Games Can Get Me (Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games)
Four Hundred Years Ago (Chell, Portal 2)
I Don’t Know What’s Going To Happen To Me (Arya Stark, Game Of Thrones)
No One Left To Love (Johanna Mason, Mockingjay)
No Power In The Verse (River Tam, Firefly)
Hello, The Future!