Gamescom 2014: Smash Bros. 3DS Gets a Bundle!

By Kevin McFarland

And here it is! Well, not, exactly, Europe announced it first, but that doesn’t mean North America isn’t gonna get one in the future. Nintendo of America hasn’t announced anything….yet.

So, a big announcement to a lot of Smash Bros. Fans. If you don’t have a 3DS yet or are looking to get another one, well here it is: Super Smash Bros. 3DS XL Bundle. Wow. That’s a mouthful. The European Smash Bros. Bundle will include:

  • A Red 3DS XL with Brawl Characters and the Insignia on the front
  • A Digital Copy of the game


As said before, no announcements have been made for North America, though there are no plans of NOT having one either.

So, should North America get a 3DS bundle? If so, how should it look like?

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