Deadpool, a cool loud mouth who knows he is in a Video game but can’t seem to find his way out. Now lets see he also has a pair of guns, twin blades, and a love of the color red. That seems incredibly close to another hero we here at DataFist are fond of. His name is Dante.
Why bring this up? Its simple this game seems to have just been passed through the gaming process because it is riding the Deadpool fame train. I mean if this game came out of the blue it would be easier for me to believe this producer who is everywhere saying how much he loved Deadpool. This game most likely will not be an Arkham City but it should shape up to at least be a Green Lantern. (I know).
I am worried that this is just a ploy for cash because a character like Deadpool doesn’t deserve to be in a terrible game because some producer decided to try and make a quick buck. We can just look at Deadpool and see that the game play will either shape up to be either another Devil May Cry, a Call of Duty or Ninja Gaiden mix. This can be great because those games have a lot of fans and some good game play, or it could be horrible and make children cry. I hope it’s the latter.
Deadpool is a character that many fans truly love so I hope the people making this game truly understand that and if it shapes up to be bad I hope they just abandon it.

What do you think?

DataFist: Bang bang?! No every one likes a pineapple surprise!


-Jeffrey Clark


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