Comix: Spider-Man. What’s So Interesting About Miles?


Written By: Garrett LeVine

Spider-Man is dead! Remember that headline? It still echoes through everybody’s tongue (Even though they brought Peter Parker back) and another person has taken the mantle. But who is this other Spider-Man and where did he come from? Well here it is! Not only do we have his general info, but one of our reviewers thinks he’s better!


​In the Ultimate Universe, after Peter Parker died and people were crying all over in the
Ultimate Universe, a man named Aaron Davis broke into Osborn Industries and unknowingly
brought a genetically enhanced spider with him out of the building. Aaron’s nephew, Miles
Morales, visits his uncle against his dad’s wishes. Miles gets bitten by the spider, gaining powers
such as camouflage, increased agility, and some sort of stun blast. He reveals these new powers
to his best friend Ganke, both concluded that Miles has powers similar to Spider Man save for a
few differences (such as the camouflage and stun blast). But Miles wanted to live a normal life,
and left the heroism to the actual Spider Man. This was before Peter Parker died. Once Peter
did die, Miles was grief-stricken over not helping Peter. Following Peter’s philosophy of: “With
great power comes great responsibility,” Miles decided to continue Peter’s legacy.
​Now that I’ve given you a basic rundown of Miles’ past, let me give you some reasons as
to why I feel Miles is awesome.



When Peter first started out, he was a psychological disaster. His uncle died due to Peter
getting his powers and that has made Peter constantly not have a feeling of self-worth and
constantly second-guess his worth as a hero. Main Universe Peter hasn’t had those kind of
issues for awhile, he’s pretty much Mr. Cool now. There isn’t anything wrong with that, he’s
grown as a hero, and a person so it makes sense he’d no longer be the neurotic nerd I was
interested in mostly due to his mental instability. Ultimate Peter Parker, before his death,
also had those kind of mental issues but also had his own unique take on it as opposed to main
universe Peter. But when Miles Morales hit the scene, I was worried that he’d just be a shallow
copy of Ultimate Peter. Boy was I wrong.


​Miles does have that discomfort with being a hero, and all of that mental instability
including that guilt. But what makes Miles more interesting as a character is while Peter uses
that guilt to inspire himself to try harder and be a better person, Miles was scared. His uncle,
whom he killed by accident, was a criminal. Miles started to worry if, deep down, he’s as bad as
his uncle. He’s scared of his powers, and using them. It doesn’t help that while for the most part
Peter is loved by the public in pretty much every Marvel Universe, Miles is hated by the public
for insulting Peter Parker’s memory. Miles himself sometimes feels guilty for insulting Peter’s
memory. What made Peter Parker, to me, is how he is pretty much a neurotic mess but at
the same time you love seeing him struggle, you root for him and feel bad for him. You
genuinely feel for Peter. Miles, though, is written just like main universe Peter was at his
start but he has such a unique twist I find myself caring for Miles a lot more than I have ever
cared for Peter.


Powers and Weakness:

Generally speaking, almost all Spidermen, clone of Peter Parker or
otherwise, have the same powers as Peter with little variations. Miles has some very interesting
powers in camouflage and his “venom touch.” Even his Spider Sense is better than Peter’s (at
least Ultimate Peter’s). Miles is still getting used to these powers, too, so we have yet to see
their true limitations but even now they bring a whole new element to the table for Miles to
fight crime. His “venom touch” is one of the coolest new things about him, especially how he
can use it to end fights. He even beat main universe Peter with it once, how cool is that? Even if
it was by dumb luck!

​While Ultimate Peter’s main weaknesses were his temper and maybe his age, Miles has
a lot more. His inexperience with crime fighting, for one. Many a time Miles has wondered how
Peter beat an enemy, but Miles is slowly starting to try and find his own way to fight crime.
Miles, like Peter Parker, is starting to get a case of the “Parker luck” in that his social life with
people who don’t know he is Spider Man is starting to get ruined. Just like with Peter, that’s
interesting to see.



This is more of a personal preference of mine. I am not a fan of the idea of clones,
unless they truly bring something new to the table. But even then, I’m still a fan of someone
brand new taking on the legacy, whether it be the hero’s sidekick (like the Robins and
Batman) or a totally brand new person like in Miles’ case. It’s always entertaining seeing how
they handle that legacy. In Miles’ case, I appreciate how he’s started to study Peter to try
and understand how Peter handles things and try and see if it works for him. At the same time,
Miles is trying to do things his own way.



I’ve already gone over how Miles, like Peter, is a neurotic mess. I think Miles has
a lot of development potential. Especially when you consider how he really is still just a boy.
He has a lot of room for growth both in his normal life and his new hero life. Miles has his own
tragedies that make him differ from Peter, especially with having a criminal uncle who didn’t
inspire Miles, but traumatize him (unintentionally). While Miles’ dad is still alive, his dad can not
stand mutants and this hatred wasn’t caused by some slander in the Daily Bugle. As if Miles
weren’t unsure of his powers already! Miles has a lot of untapped potential, a journey of his
own to go on as the new Spider Man. I, for one, want to be a part of that journey with every

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