Comikaze Expo 2012 Pre-Convention Thoughts

Hey guys! So some of my older readers will know about Comikaze, LA’s very own Comic-Con that I went to last year. It was an interesting and fun convention but there was room for lots of improvement. Granted, it was their first year, that’s no big deal and I still had fun. This year Comikaze is back and I’m excited to go, especially as a journalist and not just a Nerd! Seven of My Geek Review staff members will be there since, this year we’re going in as a production team. It is going to be a blast! Burt Ward the ORIGINAL Robin will be there as well as ADAM WEST! Yes! You read right! Everyone’s favorite crazy Quahog mayor will be there! The original Batman himself! I am having a bit of a fanboy moment as I am writing this article because I REALLY want to meet Adam West.

Anyways moving on, the convention last year had some cool guests and some cool panels, guests included Mark Hammil, Elvira, and Stan Lee. This year the convention is owned by Stan Lee so it became Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo.

Guests include:

Stan Lee – Nothing more need to be said

Elivra – Mistress of The Dark

Todd McFarlane – Creator, SPAWN and the Co-Founder of IMAGE COMICS

Marc Silvestri – Creator, and writer on Witchblade, and Wanted

Jon Schnepp – Creator, and Director of Metalocalypse

Tara Strong – She needs no blurb but I will do one anyways. Actress – Voiced characters in Ben 10, Powerpuff Girls, Megas XLR, Sonic Underground, Princess Mononoke, and worked on various Batman games, shows, and movies

Lou Ferrigno – Actor, Incredible Hulk

Rikki Simons – Actor, Invader Zim

Cahterine Sutherland – Actress, Power Rangers: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Zeo, Power Ragenrs: Turbo

Jessica Rey – Actress, Power Rangers Wild Force

Jason Faunt – Actor, Power Rangers Time Force

Holly Conrad – Crabcat Industries, FX Artist, Cosplayer, Designer

Bill Murphy – Actor, Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files

Ron Glass- Actor, Firefly

James Hong – Actor, Diablo III, Kung Fu Panda, Blade Runner

I think that’s quite a long list right there and guess what? It’s even longer! These are just SOME of the names that will be at the show, the above are composed of featured guests, writers, artists and creators, and guests of honor.

There are gaming tournaments this year including Magic The Gathering, Warhammer 40k. and Heroclix. Hopefully there will be some regular video games too, like CoD MW3, Tekken, Street Fighter, and Mortal Kombat.

Tickets are available for purchase here. Unlike most conventions tickets are fairly cheap, a one day pass is $20.00 or a weekend pass is $30.00. It’s being held September 15-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center in the Tom Bradley Hall. Hope to see you some of you guys there! EXCELSIOR!

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