ComiKaze Day 1: Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum Panel

At 5:00 pm on Friday, I sat in on the Hollywood Sci-Fi Panel hosted by Huston Huddleston. Huddleston, one of the Museum’s founders, talked at length about how he and others were able to get it funded, about how there was truly nothing like it in Los Angeles. He then went into detail about what is going to be in the museum: the gift shop will have an assortment of products for sale that have never before been available together in a single store. He also discussed the star-ship themed restaurant, which he aims to make “…the coolest restaurant ever.”

ia4p705kHuston Huddleston

He went on to discuss the hall of Sci-Fi fictional robots, which is planned to include animatronic figures. There will also be a hall of real-life robots and a learning center for children. All the exhibits, from the hall of cars (including Back to the Future‘s Delorean)to a replica of the USS Enterprise‘s bridge will have an education component, detailing the real-life scientific information about the concepts dicussed by the tv show or film. NASA itself will help with this education, and was reportably “Blown away” by Huddleston and company’s vision.


Overall, the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum sounds like an institution that will become a true landmark of Los Angeles, comparable to other museums and historical sites. Huddleston estimates it opening in 2016, and if half of what he said will be made a reality, I’ll try to be first in line.

The website for the Hollywood Sci-Fi Museum can be found here.

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