BREAKING NEWS: Live Interview with Hideo Kojima

The following is my notes on the interview with Hideo Kojima this morning at 9am on During this interview, Kojima was asked questions from fans via Twitter about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. Enjoy!

Kojima Interview Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
March 13, 2014

• Cell phone and tablet games are becoming extremely popular, Kojima is a big supporter of this as well as the PS4’s big launch in Japan.
• Kojima wants to advocate these games and the functionality of integrating them into major titles
• When asked about his philosophy towards Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain and his approach to the story, Kojima talked about introducing stories into video gaming via cutscenes and dialogue during the early years. Kojima states that he wants to bring back the fun and replayability of games from the Famicom and Super Famicom arcade days.
• Focus on gameplay and story without getting mired in cutscenes.
• There will be story elements implemented in the game that will not always be readily apparent depending on players’ actions.
• As players through the game, they will put together the story elements as they play, that way the open world and open decisions won’t affect their ability to understand the overall story.
• When asked about possible multiple endings for future Metal Gear games, Kojima said that multiple endings will not be in GZ or TPP but that story changing choices like the torture scenes in MGS might occur. Players will be given the freedom to make their own decisions about how they progress through the game.
• The Omega Camp level in GZ may or may not appear in TPP.
• Kojima is trying something new that he’s never done before in his history of game development, but refused to elaborate on this.
• When asked about developing a mobile platform title Kojima said that he’s not interested in puzzle games for it, but that he is considering making an adventure/platforming game at some point for mobile platforms.
• Kojima stated that Metal Gear Online (MGO) is being worked on by Kojima Productions LA and the original MGO team and unfortunately will not be ready by GZ’s release, but will be ready when TPP is released.
• Kojima is impressed by the new Oculus Rift technology, but laughed and said after a few minutes of trying the technology out, he got sick. He is keeping this tech in mind and hopes to work with it in the future.
• When asked about remaking the original MSX Metal Gear games using the Fox Engine for current and next gen systems Kojima stated that he is designing GZ and TPP’s story to integrate the stories of the original games. He would like to remake MG1 and 2, but with the current technology, it would take a large amount of time and so would be a project for the future if anything.
• When asked if Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops is considered canon, Kojima says it’s a difficult question but that the main story is part of the main timeline, but not all the elements are considered part of the main canon.
• When asked about DLC for GZ, Kojima stated that he has no plans for that, but would really like to do it if it didn’t derail him from finishing TPP.
• Asked about his favorite Metal Gear game, Kojima stated that Metal Gear Solid is his favorite. He also claims that he didn’t believe that Metal Gear Solid would sell as well as it did, so he didn’t design it with sales in mind, allowing him to be as creative as he wanted to be.
• In closing, Kojima said that GZ is designed to give you a good impression of what TPP will be like and to try it out.


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