Boss Monster: Just Another TCG That You Will Get Bored of and Put on Your Shelf?

While at Indiecade we saw a lot of interesting individuals trying to showcase their games. We talked to a lot of them, unfortunately we didn’t get to all of them. One gentleman in particular had an interesting game. It’s called “Boss Monster” and it’s a TCG game unlike any others I have seen before. Instead of you controlling creatures like in Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh or Vanguard where you are the hero. Similar to D&D you are the “Boss Monster”; you are the guy trying to trap and kill your friends characters, as they go through different rooms and traps. You have to build your Boss Monster’s dungeon and lure the adventurers in.

We see a lot of TCG’s while out in the field and honestly, this seems like one of those games that would be really fun to play but unfortunately it seems like after a month or two you might just leave it in your closet somewhere gathering dust. I can picture it now. *wavy screen fade to one of those flashback things but to the future*

Old Man Me: Hey kids look what Grandpa Knash found!
My Grandkids: What Grandpa?!
Me: Boss Monster! This game was great when I was younger! I forgot all about it!

*Back to the present*

Anyways, this does seem like an interesting game but all in all I am just not sure it will survive. The good news, it seems they have surpassed their Kickstarter funding goal. So good luck to the O’Neal brothers Johnny and Chris.


Here are some photos for those of you wondering what this will look like

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