News: Blizzard “Pulls A Valve”


Blizzard’s new launcher entered open beta on August 15. “It’s Steam, essentially, for Blizzard games” according to Phil Owen from VG247. This app essentially is a portal for managing your Blizzard games so you don’t have to do it one-by-one and remember which game you updated last. I’m not sure if the launcher will force you to log into each of your games individually, but I sure as hell hope not!


This should be a really cool new way for Blizz to give us important information about their games.
There is currently a news feature, though, oddly, no store to speak of. Which is again, odd, given how great it would be to have a single place for all of your in-game goods – like WoW pets or D3 stash upgrades. I’m also not sure if there is a chat feature, but I do see my friends who are logged into their games, so perhaps that’s in the future. Right now, the launcher just says it’s “retrieving details” and thus won’t let me interact with anyone. It’s still in beta – they’re working things out.

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