Beware The Batman: Season One Episode One “Hunted” Review

This morning, the Dark Knight returned to the small screen; in other words, it’s back on television. The first episode titled “Hunted” saw the return of Alfred, Bruce, Batman, and Tatsu Yamashiro (better known as Katana). They were followed by a handful of new characters: Michael Holt, Simon Stagg, Professor Pig, and Mr. Toad.

Let’s start by discussing the changes to Alfred. I personally am not a fan of deviations in portrayal of really, really familiar characters, even though this rendition did carry some interesting changes. In this series, Alfred is not only Wayne’s butler, but also his bodyguard. He’s a retired MI 6 agent who is still quite strong and fit for his age. He cares more about making sure Bruce/Batman is in shape then he does for serving tea and crumpets at noon. Another interesting change is in his accent; it has gone from Northern England, possibly Manchester to a more Liverpool sounding accent. Alfred is tougher then ever in this new series and I think it will be interesting to see his progression from the side lines with Tatsu taking his place as a main character.

Professor Pig and Mr. Toad are the two villains we see in the series premiere, not much can be said about them except for the fact that they are driven by revenge and wanting vengeance for Animals. Without more background information on them I can’t really analyze them too much but it seems like they are just gears in a bigger machine, I have a feeling especially considering it’s Batman we’re talking about that they are working for someone else.

I really can’t say much more, but I will end this brief review by saying I am interested to see how the show plays out and I will reserve judgement until the season is over but so far; it seems very interesting.

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