Long Beach Comic Con! 2012

Here it is, here it is! the winners of the renowned Best Of Show awards presented by the geeks and nerds of the My Geek Review Community! These are the people and their passions that garnered the attention of the people of the event and the staff here at My Geek Review!

501st Legion and Rebel Alliance

Yeah they were there in the event, and surprisingly they’re not there to fight, they’re there for the GOOD fight. Hosting this year’s charity event at Long Beach, both the 501st and Rebels won the award, not for their impact and costumes, but for their moral values! It’s awesome that you’re a true geek in nature, but if your also saving the world one charity event at a time while doing so, well we think you darn well deserve an award.


Let’s talk about the future for just a bit. We live in a digital age where inanimate objects come to life. Anomaly takes things one step further, with the art work as great as the highest quality comic book with a price tag of less than $50 and an app that you can use to turn the stories into an augmented reality experience, the people developing Anomaly are already set into the future!

Powered by Gamers

No people, this isn’t GameStop! It’s something much different. Powered by Gamers is a site that focuses on the social media aspect of gaming. Bringing you in the Grid, you can see your friend’s bragging right, create polls, an easy way of accessing clans and guilds, etc! It’s like Facebook!…but without the stupid drama and simply just playing games.

The Stone Legacy

A Sci-Fi Superhero comic about a boy inheriting the duties of guarding a powerful and dangerous object to keep it out of the hands of those who would misuse its power.

Scratch 9

All we need to say for Scratch 9 is this: A super hero cat that can summon any of his nine lives to help him fight.

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