IndieCade 2012

So many indie developers, such little time to look over all of them! This is the best of show at indiecade! We are aware that there was an audience choice award and a developer’s choice award so what makes our award any different? Well, to say the least, this award goes to the people who, not only grabbed our attention, but lured in people when they unleashed their games and ideas. These games caused mass gatherings, jaw-drops, and screams for excitement during gameplay in Indiecade. So to those games, we salute you!

Hidden in Plain Sight
This is one of those games where you must have a party to get the full experience. This doesn’t mean you can’t play this alone or with a few people. This game, inspired by a lot of stealth and spy genres out there, places you across multiple NPCs to figure who you are and then find out who your opponents are. Think of it as an 8-bit version of the Assassin’s Creed multiplayer. The amount of people gathered around this games was immense during the event, a lot of screaming and yelling just created more excitement behind this new IP. For that we give this a best of show.
Qasir Al-Wassat
Holy hell! The name for this game was irritatingly annoying! That is a good thing though since there are no other games like this out there. It is also a spy-esc, Metal Gear influenced game gives a spin: you are invisible (I know what you’re thinking, but the game is much harder than you think) and your job is to assassinate the royalty living in the “Castle in Between” or in Arabic “Qasir Al-Wassat simply pronounced ~ka-seer Al – vaz-aad. While invisible, you have to deal with intelligent AI guards where they react to your sound, have an almost unpredictable guard pattern, plus blood splashes on you when you eliminate a threat all while invisible! How can we not give this one an award?!
Have you ever played pong? Yes? Ok well have you played pong blind-folded and succeeded returning the shots multiple times? Yeah, that’s what we thought. Open-source is a brilliant IP that uses the sense of hearing to detect which way the ball is headed. It’s quite simple actually, you have a pair of head phones, you stand in front of the kinect sensor, and you move based on the sounds. For example, if you hear a beeping noise on your right, simply move that way until you have the sound evenly distributed to both ears, if you hear a little pong sound, you’ve hit it back and if you hear the noise go by behind you, well, you just missed it. The award for this was given, not only because the game was fun, but it presented a level of gameplay advancement we haven’t seen at all and it may even help in other fields such as medicine.
The digital world of the app stores are flooded with games to take us to a whole new adventure. There are a few apps out there that are worthy in the name of being a GOOD game, specially for an app, but Tengami does something different. It is a classic children’s pop-up book adventure that collides story with an amazing art design and gameplay mechanic that jus simply shatters the imagination. We give this award to this concept because it heavily reminded us of how design and artwork just heavily affects the overall quality of a game, especially when telling a story.
Sifteo Cubes
We’ve seen this before, but not well made like this. Sifteo cubes are these little cubes with a screen that can be digitized to accommodate most, if not all kinds of¬†puzzle games. In the few moments we were there tinkering with the product, we’ve explored puzzle building to creating a maze by connecting multiple cubes together. It’s really fun to see what you interact with and the things you build come to life. Did we mention that this game is ideal for kids and learning?

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