E3 2013

One of the biggest events in gaming presented a huge line up of jaw-dropping games soon to be released as well as original titles. These awards are not given to obvious winners at E3, these awards are presented to those who have crafted an art through careful design and accurate detail of awesome gameplay. These are the people who are usually overlooked for their skills and talents. Thanks to the team and the viewers, they’ve been given a nifty award!


Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

Finally! Playing as Dracula! Of course we’ve seen this kind of game before, but not this good! Yes it’s a crazy over-the-top action similar to other games, but the integration of Dracula’s story after all these years just makes us want this game NOW!


Murdered: Soul Suspect

Here at My Geek Review, we love adventure games. We love it even more when adventure games are being taken to the next century. This is one of those games, though it’s not your traditional type of adventure game, the mystery around your own death will lead you into a conspiracy that goes beyond the world of the living. With abilities that let you phase through walls and possess, even read people’s minds by being in their body, it’s gonna be a hard pass for this game.


Sonic: Lost World

Sega’s Mascot is making another return to the consoles and this time there are new people to face against. Sonic hasn’t been true to his platform since the golden days of the 90s and honestly Mario was kicking his ass in terms of the quality of games being dished out. Now that he’s making is speedy return to his true nature in terms of side scrolling and his awesome speed, he’ll be facing a new threat that will require him to do some drastic measures, plus learn some new skills aside from running.


Scribblenauts: Unmasked

We’re gonna be honest out of the whole line up of games at E3, this is instantly one of our favorites for two main reasons: 1) We love Scribblenauts, 2) They have almost the whole library of DC comics inside the new game! The developers challenged us to name DC characters in their game and surely enough almost every single character we can think of was present, heck Bruce Wayne’s dad is in it too!


Sony Playstation

And last but not least we have, Sony winning for their Playstation Press Conference. During our time at E3 we saw a lot of great conferences but Sony’s took the cake. There is not much we can say about this conference other then, it blew every other one out of the water and raised the bar for press conferences for this years E3 and for subsequent E3’s. So congratulations to Sony.

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